XY Clip – KM184

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This clip holds two Neumann KM184 microphones in an 90 degree XY mic’ing formation.

What is XY Micing? XY Mic’ing is a coincident stereo mic’ing technique that relies on directionality of audio source over time arrival differences, since the capsules are so close together. The benefits of XY mic’ing are that phase issues are negligible between the two microphones, and it has a very good mono compatibility – on top of that XY mic’ing provides a realistic image and sounds great!

Now you can get a perfect XY setup in a matter of seconds and save valuable floor real-estate by reducing the need to setup an additional mic stand. In addition, testing different positions for your XY mic setup becomes a breeze as the two microphones are joined as a single unit. No more fumbling with multiple mic stands just to audition a few positions for your XY mic’ing setup!

This clip will facilitate the XY arrangement of the following microphones:

  • 3 Zigma Audio CHI
  • 3 Zigma Audio CHI HA/FX
  • ADK SC-1
  • ADK SC-2
  • AKG Acoustics P170
  • AKG Acoustics Perception 150
  • Advanced Audio Microphones CM-54
  • Apex Electronics 191
  • Applied Microphone Technology 404
  • Avantone Pro CK-1
  • Beijing 797 Audio Co. Ltd. CR1-4
  • CAD Audio equitek e70
  • Feilo CR1-14
  • Golden Age Project FC 4 MC
  • Joemeek JM27
  • Karma Audio K10
  • M-Audio Pulsar II
  • MXL 603S
  • MXL 604
  • MXL 606
  • MXL 991
  • MXL V67N
  • Mojave Audio MA-100
  • Neumann KM 183
  • Neumann KM 184
  • Neumann KM 185
  • Nevaton MC49-C
  • Nevaton MC49-O
  • Oktava MK-103
  • Oktava MKL-012
  • Peluso Microphone Lab CEMC-6
  • SE Electronics SE 1
  • Superlux S241/U3

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