SM57 to ECM8000 Clip

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Utilizing two mics in combination is a great way to gain some flexibility for the mixing process.
The classic combination of the SM57 and ECM8000 is great for a myriad of situations. The ECM8000 fills out the high frequencies and detail missing from a loneĀ SM57. This is useful in both near-field and far-field situations, for example, close mic-ing a drum, or anĀ overhead situation.

Another cool thing about using an ECM8000 (or any omni measurement mic) in conjunction with a SM57 (or any cardioid microphone) is that omni directional microphones don’t exhibit “proximity effect”. So if you want to increase your bass response without touching an EQ, move the clipped together mics closer to the sound source. The bass frequencies will become reinforced on the SM57 but not on the omni mic. So get the SM57 sounding as fat as you’d like, then adjust the level of the omni mic to dial in the amount of high end openness/sheen you’d like, and you’ve just EQ’d your sound in a natural and organic way without even touching an hardware/software EQ unit – That’s cool!

    This clip attaches Shure SM57 to:

  • Behringer ECM8000

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