SM57 to C451 Clip

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Utilizing two mics in combination is a great way to gain some flexibility for the mixing process.
The classic combination of the SM57 and C451B is great for a myriad of situations. The C451B fills out the high frequencies and detail missing from a loneĀ SM57. This is useful in both near-field and far-field situations, for example, close mic-ing a drum, or anĀ overhead situation.

The best part is you can dial in the blend between the two microphones for the perfect balance. Utilizing this technique you can do a lot of your mixes basic EQ balancing without even touching an equalizer, leaving you with higher fidelity audio for the rest of the mixing process.

This clip attaches Shure SM57 to:

  • AKG Acoustics C 430
  • AKG Acoustics C 451
  • AKG Acoustics C 451 Anniversary
  • AKG Acoustics C 451B
  • AKG SE300 B
  • Apex Electronics 190
  • Beyerdynamic MCE 530
  • Groove Tubes GT-33
  • Pearl Microphone Laboratory OM 16
  • Soyuz Microphones SU-011

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