ORTF Clip – KM184

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This clip holds two Neumann KM184 microphones in an ORTF mic’ing formation. ORTF mic’ing means the capsules are arranged 17 centimeters apart at an angle of 110 degrees. It is a French broadcasting standard, but is used widely around the globe for it’s good stereo seperation and minimal phase issues.

Now you can get a perfect ORTF setup in a matter of seconds and save valuable floor real-estate by reducing the need to setup an additional mic stand. In addition, testing different positions for your ORTF mic setup becomes a breeze as the two microphones are joined as a single unit. No more fumbling with multiple mic stands just to audition a few positions for your ORTF mic’ing setup!

This clip will facilitate the ORTF arrangement of the following microphones:

  • 3 Zigma Audio CHI
  • 3 Zigma Audio CHI HA/FX
  • ADK SC-1
  • ADK SC-2
  • AKG Acoustics P170
  • AKG Acoustics Perception 150
  • Advanced Audio Microphones CM-54
  • Apex Electronics 191
  • Applied Microphone Technology 404
  • Avantone Pro CK-1
  • Beijing 797 Audio Co. Ltd. CR1-4
  • CAD Audio equitek e70
  • Feilo CR1-14
  • Golden Age Project FC 4 MC
  • Joemeek JM27
  • Karma Audio K10
  • M-Audio Pulsar II
  • MXL 603S
  • MXL 604
  • MXL 606
  • MXL 991
  • MXL V67N
  • Mojave Audio MA-100
  • Neumann KM 183
  • Neumann KM 184
  • Neumann KM 185
  • Nevaton MC49-C
  • Nevaton MC49-O
  • Oktava MK-103
  • Oktava MKL-012
  • Peluso Microphone Lab CEMC-6
  • SE Electronics SE 1
  • Superlux S241/U3

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