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Some Old Free Drum Samples

I found these old samples that I forgot to put back up on the new site! They might be useful to some people.

Grab them here!

Here’s the specs:

The samples include two sets of toms and various kick and snare drums.

The samples are compatible with the following software:

  • Trigger
  • Drumagog
  • Kontakt

.wav files are included as well.

These drum samples are licensed under the “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA” license.


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Glenn Fricker uses the Wilkinson Audio Fredman Mic Clip to get killer metal tones!

Check it out! Glenn Fricker uses our mic clip to make Fredman mic’ing setup quick and easy. He demonstrates in this video how to perform the technique, and gets some killer tone!


In other news, I’ve started making a series of YouTube videos demonstrating how to mix¬†(in this case how to mix metalcore)¬†on minimalist setups – on headphones using only stock/free plugins – for all the bedroom warriors out there. If you have a few spare hours, check it out!¬†You might learn¬†a thing or two!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!



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Technical Issues with Giving Away a few Terabytes of Free Software

Well, due to overwhelming response for the ZomBass 2 giveaway, Dropbox had a hissy fit and no longer wants to provide the hosting for the files.

Right now I’ve moved the files over to a Google Drive – so we’ll see how that long that lasts. If you download the files now by running through the check out process again, you’ll get the Google drive links. You may have to add .zip to the end of those files to get them to work.

Also, Tomislav Zlatic is working on mirroring the files on his awesome site, Bedroom Producers Blog, so we’ll have that mirror in addition to alleviate the demand!

Merry Christmas,


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SM57 Fredman Mic Clip Now for Sale!



Have you ever tried Fredman mic’ing? It’s a super cool way to mic up a guitar cab that gives you some flexibility in tone and tends to “de-fizz” the cab. It’s a technique used heavily in rock and metal recordings. Check out some videos of how it sounds on YouTube, and then buy our special fredman mic clip to make set up a breeze – since you’ll be using the technique so much! ūüôā

Purchase it here:



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New Cool and Useful Mic Clips on the Way!

Hello everyone!

We’ve started manufacturing some cool and handy mic clips for different applications. The first one we’ve started producing holds a Shure SM57 to a Rode NT5 or 12 Gauge Microphone – No more duct tape!

To order that mic clip, please see this page.

We plan to manufacture clips for easy XY, ORTF, and M/S setups as well, for various microphones.

If you have any ideas for clips you’d like us to produce, please e-mail

Thanks and have a great day!

Alex Wilkinson