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SM57 Fredman Mic Clip Now for Sale!

Have you ever tried Fredman mic’ing? It’s a super cool way to mic up a guitar cab that gives you some flexibility in tone and tends to “de-fizz” the cab. It’s a technique used heavily in rock and metal recordings. Check out some videos of how it sounds on YouTube, and then buy our special fredman mic clip to make set up a breeze – since you’ll be using the technique so much! :)

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New Cool and Useful Mic Clips on the Way!


Hello everyone!

We’ve started manufacturing some cool and handy mic clips for different applications. The first one we’ve started producing holds a Shure SM57 to a Rode NT5 or 12 Gauge Microphone – No more duct tape!

To order that mic clip, please see this page.

We plan to manufacture clips for easy XY, ORTF, and M/S setups as well, for various microphones.

If you have any ideas for clips you’d like us to produce, please e-mail

Thanks and have a great day!

Alex Wilkinson